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Let’s get social

A whole new world of communication

Your customers will be talking about you on social media whether you are there to hear them or not. Synergy allows you to engage these customers through a single unified desktop experience.

Customize the social desktop based on skill level of your employees, allowing them to watch accounts or respond to messages. All this combined with our workflow optimization tools means you can tailor your processes to be as simple or complex as required. Allowing delivery of exceptional customer experiences.


Unlock a whole new channel of communication with our Facebook Social feed. Synergy provides the ability to watch posts, reviews and messages for facebook pages as well as responded to them.


Increase your social reach with the combined power of our Twitter social feed. Respond to mentions and direct messages all within our social desktop.

Data Feed

Data feeds can be added to your social desktop allowing a constant customizable stream of communication, consisting of Facebook messages, posts & reviews, Twitter Direct messages & mentions, and even emails.

Social Workflows

The functionality of the Synergy social desktop can be further increased coupled with the use of social workflows, Providing the process of responding to social interactions easily for non-technical people.

Social interactions

Every interaction missed is an opportunity lost

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