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Realize your design

Design, Build, Deploy & iterate

Our Designer provides you with the tools to create a solution. Non-technical people can create workflows with ease, whilst technical users can harness the power of the designer to create advanced bespoke solutions within workflows.

Once a workflow is created set it live for your users to access on the synergy desktop. Further build on your workflows with our version control feature, allowing for easy addition and iteration of existing workflows.

Optimize your workflow

Find the perfect route to your solution with synergy.


The toolkit to your solution.

Drag & Drop workflow designer

synergy uses grid technology combined with a vast selection of controls.

This gives you the ability to drag & drop controls anywhere within a workflow process. Combined with the visual workflow editor, synergy delivers a complete and effortless design experience.

Design your processes

Design the processes to fit your business, don’t adjust your business to fit the process.

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