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More Features

Synergy Workspace


Design, Build, Deploy & iterate exceptional customer journeys.

  • Style Sheets
  • Version Control
  • External Data source controls

Synergy Workspace


A single interface to manage all your interactions across all channels, campaigns & clients.

Synergy Workspace


Monitor real-time performance, look for trends across workflows and use this to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Synergy Workspace


Integrations, bespoke development, consultancy and training to ensure you get the most from your Synergy platform.

Synergy provides a unified front-end experience for your most valuable asset, your employees.

It’s highly configurable workflow engine combines with a unified desktop module enabling non-technical people to design and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Via integration with CRM, back office applications and contact centre platforms Synergy becomes the ‘glue’ that increases your employee productivity, ensures compliance and provides you with insight into where refinements are needed along with the ability to deliver change rapidly.

Synergy can be your single point of capture for all data related to customer facing processes enabling you to increase performance and deliver transformational change.


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